a photo of Eileen Tognini

Having studied fine art, matriculated with a business degree, become a business executive, and returned to the art world, I have now come full circle.  The work I do today draws on talents and skills acquired in both worlds; I am constantly surprised by the intersections I discover.

Every September for the past 10 years, I have curated a major contemporary art exhibition of works in bronze, steel, glass, ceramic, fine art, and site specific installations, in a one-acre naturalistic garden and 200-year old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania that serve as my family’s retreat. Gallery in the Garden showcases the work of emerging and recognized artists over two well-attended weekends.

In June 2004, I received a private commission from a passionate art patron to create a sculpture garden/event on her extensive woodland property, which took shape as Sticks and Stones: the making of a sculpture garden.  Welcoming 900 people over 4 days, this memorable event celebrated the collector’s appreciation of the relationship between a designed landscape and fine art. The show exhibited the work of 25 artists, including artists born and educated in Australia, Japan, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria, all now working in the U.S.

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