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The 2006 St. Mary's benefit at bahdeebahdu was more than we could have ever imagined. Our first auction of the bunch (of the last 3 annual benefit events) yielded over $15,000! This year's theme was Copper, Silver, Gold... that meant that artists donated work that included any of these metals, were made with, or otherwise. All auction items started at an opening bid of $100, and some quickly rose to the hundreds and more. With 3 lots, and lots for everyone, the St. Mary's benefit party has again established itself in the community as a blast of a party offering great work for an important cause. And besides, it's always great to see Patsy Ratchet and the "girls" .

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So we discovered that when you do something good, you want to do it again. The 2ndSt. Mary's benefit was the sale of artist made "vests" -- wearable or not wearable. Once again, designer, sculptors, photographers, painters were invited to donate a "vest." All vests were sold for $200 each. Another grand blast raising lots of money for this wonderful Philadelphia based organization helping families effected with HIV/AIDS.

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Charmed and Embraced

Charmed and Embraced was the first of the wonderfully rewarding benefit show/sales that I co-curated with Leslie Matthews, and bahdeebahdu's RJ Thornburg and Warren Muller to benefit St Mary's Respite Center for families and children whose lives are effected by HIV/AIDS. We'd invited some 150 artists to donate a piece in the likeness of a "charm" or a bracelet. Designers, photographers, sculptors, and painters created a unique piece that was required to fit in a 6 inch square plexiglass box and sold for $150. Attended by some 400 people, kicking off the holiday season the spirit of giving was in full force. Oh yes, even Patsy Ratchet came out of retirement for this one!

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