Upcoming show at the SKYBOX @ 2424 studios

Opening Friday October 30 7-10pm through November 28
"The Titan and the Fireflies"
New Work by Jason Hackenwerth
Curated by Eileen Tognin

I've always had an affection for work that has been created with ordinary and familiar objects. My time spent at the Barnes Foundation while completing the Arboretum Program showing me how impassioned Dr. Barnes was by showing the viewer the how to see the beauty and explore the form of simple everyday objects, whether it was a hinge, a vase, a hook -- and making a contextual connection with the classic paintings hung just above that object. So in salon style arrangements, the hinges, hooks and vases were displayed with equal importance and shown all together forcing the viewer to draw their own connections. Over time Dr. Barnes goals have become the hallmark of my work -- giving people a different set of lenses to look at art.

Jason creates monumental scale sculptures made from balloons. Creating magic and mystery with thousands of latex balloons, the creations are composed of colored twisted, tied and woven into biomorphic beasties. Floating, suspended, and even worn, these magical, while ephemeral creatures promise to amaze and delight.

Please join me on the opening reception of Jason's show on Friday October 30. 2424 Studios is planning a Halloween extravaganza on Saturday October 31 too. Check out their website for more details:



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