Gallery in the Garden September 2009 Update

After 10 wonderful years of hosting thousands of people, hundreds of artists, and creating innumerable cherished memories, Gallery in the Garden will take some time off to be re-invented, and allow me to explore some other projects I've wanted to pursue. When we bought this charming house at Hawk Mountain 11 years ago I quickly realized it was too special to keep to ourselves. When you buy a 200 year old house you realize you never quite "own" it, you are simply an "agent of history". So our chapter of history quickly revealed itself -- inspired by salons throughout time, it would exhibit the work of emerging and recognized artists from the Philadelphia and New York region. Showing contemporary work; including site specific installations, works in bronze, glass, steel, juxtaposed in a primitive home and naturalistic gardens -- drawing people as far as south as Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and a host of international visitors dragged along by other visitors -- imagine their pleasant surprise.

So Gallery in the Garden has lead to inSitu:628, the urban version of the salon -- and who knows what will come next up at the country -- just stay tuned. Something is brewing...

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