Our 10th Gallery In The Garden

This year marked the 10th Gallery in the Garden. So I'll reminisce for a moment... Hard to believe that what once was a crazy little idea to bring art and people together has since hosted over 5000 people, and some 250 artists over 10 years. Each September we have watched babies grow up (mine included); people meet, collaborate, date, marry, divorce; and in a most moving year in 2001, we all gathered and shared our grief and sadness. Together we created a chapter -- it was not only about people collecting art, but art collecting people. There are many stories to tell, and truly, it has been a labor of love. I continue to pinch myself when I think of how friends, neighbors, and even near strangers have contributed in so many ways to make this dream come true. So stay tuned, time to write another chapter.

Philadelphia Inquirer October 2008

The Philadelphia Inquirer featured Eileen Tognini in October 2008. Click to see the article as a .pdf or to see it on the Philadelphia Inquirer website.


art matters October 2008

Click to read the article about the 2008 Philadelpia Open Studio Tour.

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